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Sky Fall Projector Night Light for Babies

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Sky Fall Projector Night Light for Babies

Regular price £24.99

12 constellation projection lamp

Material: ABS pvc
Power supply mode: USB power supply
Light source power: 5w (W)
Product accessories: 5 sets of film USB cable

- Keep Your Baby Relaxed!  , Keep them amused!

- Stops your baby from crying instantly, and helps sooth their minds! 

A night of sleep is important for every parent’s new baby and that’s why this sky fall projector night light is a must-have to keep your baby calm and moms sane! This night light features different soothing lullabies and a night light of galaxy stars so beautiful, it will make your baby sleep beautifully. Fill your baby’s room with the beauty of the galaxy as if you were laying under the stars! This easy-to-use project is powered by double A batteries and powers on with the simple press of a button - perfect when you don’t want to accidentally risk waking up your sleeping baby.


  • Material: ABS pvc
  • Power supply mode: USB power supply
  • Light source power: 5w (W)
  • Product accessories: 5 sets of film USB cable

Package Includes:

  • 1x projector night light in original packaging


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