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Rabbit Ears and Dino Baby Rompers

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Rabbit Ears and Dino Baby Rompers

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This cute baby dinosaur or rabbit onesies will add more cute points to your baby!  Turn your baby into a lil dinosaur or rabbit and let them roam around and dream of their cutest favorite animals they love! Turn your baby into a social media star by featuring them in this hooded onesie that’s sure to turn viral! It’s comfy and makes your baby look adorable!

Enjoy endless hours of fun as you watch your precious one strike cute poses in this fun yet comfy jumpsuit that is oh-so-perfect for photo shoots or everyday wear.These onesies feature a solid pattern with dinosaur spikes or rabbit ears, and soft cotton blend material to keep your child warm at all times. Available in 0-24 month sizes. 


  • Suitable season: All year round
  • Fabric name: Cotton
  • Close style: zip shirt
  • Design: Elasticated material in the joint areas, which allows your baby to move around freely.
  • Color: gray, pink
  • Suitable for height: 60cm - 90cm

Package Includes:

  • 1 hooded onsie in original packaging  

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