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Adorable Baby teething Mittens

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Adorable Baby teething Mittens

Regular price £6.99

Material: Silicone

Packing: single pack
Applicable age: 3 months or more
Color: pink, green, blue, orange, light blue, pink 2, green 2, blue 2, orange 2, light blue 2

Material: Food grade silicone, has passed safety testing and does not contain BPA.
It is held in the baby's hand with a secure Velcro strap.
Easy to clean: Wash with soap and water.
Suitability: Soft baby gums and teeth are urgent.
Left and right hand universal
Fit: Firm fit, easy to carry and disassemble, non-slip design
Temperature resistance: -20 ° C -180 ° C
Ages: Suitable for babies from 3 to 12 months
Color: pink, green, light green, orange, blue

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