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Cute Luxurious Baby Sleeping Bag

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Cute Luxurious Baby Sleeping Bag

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Keep your new-born babies safe and comfortable while they sleep with our baby sleeping bags! Our sleeping bag produces a safe and secure environment for your baby to sleep in, giving you the ultimate peace of mind. In addition, sleeping bags keep your babies cozied up without the risk of knocking or falling off.

Our sleeping bag is a wearable blanket that works similarly to a real blanket. It simply zips on over your baby’s clothes to give your baby the warm and cosy feeling of a blanket without having to worry about the risk of suffocation. This helps babies who like to toss and turn, stay put and enjoy the precious sleep they need!

Key Features:

  • Suitable for new-borns aged 0 to 18 months
  • Compatible to use on strollers, on baby cots, baby beds, or just on its own!
  • Thick and warm material to ensure your new-born is safe and cuddled up at all times
  • Zipper closure works perfectly for seamless opening and closing



  • Material: Acrylic fibre + Polar Fleece
  • Size: 68cm*40cm/25.6*15.7 inch
  • Color: Pink, Grey, Blue, Beige, White, Black (Unfortunately we no longer produce our light blue design) 


Package Includes:

  • 1 Pcs sleeping bag in original packaging
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