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Multi-Use Baby comfort Rattle Toy

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Multi-Use Baby comfort Rattle Toy

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The cute playful toy can be wrapped around any round surface such as Strollers/push chairs, Car Seats ,Cots/Cribs. There are hanging toys and playful features attached with different functions in different colors, which can attract great interest from the baby. It is also bright and can make rattling sounds, so will be sure to turn your babies frown upside down!

[Function Description]

- Boom worms can be wrapped around any rods or poles, which you may see on cribs/Cots, BB cars, small bookshelves, Strollers/Car Seats etc.

- Cute Toys to play with.

- Makes a rattling sound, which is sure to keep your babies occupied.

- Perfect travel toy that can be used on the move, and when at home.

- Once secured these toys will not easily fall which will reduced the rates of lost toys. 




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